martes, 1 de febrero de 2011


Mezcal, Gastronomía, Música, Arte .... Próximamente Cine y Exhibiciones.

86 Orchard St between Grand and Broome Sts.

Monday - Closed
Tues- Thur 12-2am
Fri-Sat 12–4am
Sunday 12-1am

Open for Lunch & Dinner

“Casa Mezcal: Arte, Musica, Comida, Cine” is the joint vision of Guillermo Olguin, a well-known Mexican painter, and the young entrepreneur and restaurateur, Ignacio Carballido.

The bar integrates art, traditional Mexican food and of course, mezcal. Casa Mezcal integrates three key factors which separates it from other New York spots – the combination of art, food, music, cinema and drink. Artists from all corners of the world will be showcased including writers and poets, the independent cinema, and international music. A gallery will display art with an agenda that includes both launches and private parties. Casa Mezcal creates a special backdrop of an all-encompassing experience and coupled with a warm, familiar atmosphere.
Although Casa Mezcal serves traditional Oaxacan – a southwest region of Mexico – food with exotic dishes such as grasshoppers with melted cheese and tacos de cazuela with handmade tortillas; it also caters a more extended menu with a combination of American dishes and ingredients. It is basically an extension of the already successful Café El Portal.

The spirit is mezcal, a five hundred year old spirit, not previously recognized, rooted in historic spirit and tradition. It’s the first distilled drink made by the indigenous people in the south of Mexico. This sipping drink comes from the agave plant which takes nine to seventeen years to mature. The result is a smooth drink full of minerals.

The house of Mezcal embraces the tradition of this ancestral beverage, delivering its unique flavors, images and scents to those who fall under its spell....

Now serving Lunch & Dinner.

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